Me vs. Food

It seems like I have always been in a losing fight against food.  Food (eating healthy) has always been an issue for me from the time I moved out from home.  I can attribute this to a couple of things;  Not being a very good cook, just being lazy, and going with the easy option (i.e. fast food or something to throw in the oven).  I would be the first one to admit these issues are some of the things that led to the state I am in now.

One other issue I have is that I can have bouts of constant hunger.  No matter what I eat will it satisfy it.  I don’t know why this happens but it is very frustrating when you have a meal and 10 minutes later you are in the fridge looking for something.  It also does not help when your Achilles Heel for food is french fries.

Not everything is negative though.  I did give up fast food and soda before, although I fell off the wagon I know I can get back on it.

I am not a very good cook (even though my wife would say otherwise), but there are things that I can do well.  I can BBQ, cook breakfast and sometimes follow a recipe to a good result (most of the time).  The latter is where my wife and I differ immensely when it comes to cooking.  She can open the fridge, grab a bunch of stuff and compose a terrific meal.  My brain is not hardwired that way.  I have to have a specific recipe, buy the ingredients and cook it exactly to the recipe.

Now that I have run through the excuses it is time to discuss what I am going about it. In order for me to kick this and get onto a healthy lifestyle for myself I have to take the first step and get some assistance. I am very fortunate to work for a company that has great benefits.  One of the benefits available is to use the services of a Nutritionist, and as such  I had my first meeting with her on Friday over the phone.  After some back and forth we decided on small changes that I will make with her assistance.  The first area we decided to tackle is lunches.  Usually for lunch I have a 2 ham and cheese sandwiches and maybe some carrots.  She has provided some alternative meals that I can take for lunch that are healthy and I can freeze.

The first recipe I attempted was the Hearty Homemade Chili recipe she gave me and I tried it yesterday.  I have to admit it turned out pretty good and I only had to make a couple of adjustments.  Making it with a recipe works for me and it was pretty easy to follow.  Then again I guess it would be hard to screw up chili.

My plan is to take a couple of these recipes and make large batches and freeze them for my lunch.  It will definitely beat a ham and cheese sandwich.  I will keep you updated on how this progresses and any recipes that I use.

One step at a time till it becomes habit.

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I Think I Got An Idea

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I thought it would be a time for an update and ensure my readers I am still here.

I want to first thank everyone for the response to my last post.  It was difficult to get back into the swing of things and write but your support was awesome and very motivational.

To be honest I have not gotten into a set routine for exercising/activities but I am on the cusp of it.  I know it sounds like a bit of a cop out but that is where I am.  I do have a decision to make; do I get another gym membership, or just keep up with my walking and exercise at home?  On one hand the gym near to where I live is affordable but it is only equipment where I am much better in a class setting.  On the other hand I do have space at home for some equipment and I do like my walks.  The hindrance to gym equipment at home is to find something that can support my weight.  Usually anything that can is very expensive and costs thousands of dollars.  Although I am considering trying to find a rowing machine if I can.  While I realize I can do both I think I would benefit from a set routine and would appreciate your opinion how you think I should proceed.

While I still have some decisions to come to there is one announcement.  I have decided to participate in the Tely10 this year!  I know it sounds crazy but at the very least I will walk it.  I am pretty confident I will complete it but have no idea what shape I will be in once it is done.  More than like my legs will stop working, and I will be unable to move for a few days after.  I will be registering in the coming weeks and will provide details when I have them.

One item I have been considering as a way to “keep me honest” is to add a calendar to my blog where I will post what activities I do so they are available for you to see.  While I think this could be beneficial to me.  What do you think?

I have asked several questions of you looking for feedback but I also want to mention that I am also open to suggestions on any topics you would like for me to discuss.

Well it is a short post this thing but that is where I stand at the moment and I am sure I will have more to update at my next post.  I will try to have longer posts in the future. Till next time.